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So I was jogging down the street.  I got to the crosswalk and I looked to my right.  I saw the driver coming.  He was using a cell phone.  I put my hand up to make sure that he saw me. I thought he put back his hand up and I continued across the street.  The next thing I knew, the car was hitting me.  When he hit me, I rolled on top of the car and I fell on my side on the side of the car.  I hurt my back, my shoulder and my foot.  An ambulance came to pick me up, put me in a stretcher and took me to the hospital.  My back was tight and I had a chip in my shoulder, a broken bone.  I received care at the hospital and also continued care with a chiropractor.  I did recover and I’m still getting better now.  My attorney was Arthur Liberty.  He was great!  He walked me through the whole way.  Arthur was always there for my phone calls, emails, every time I reached out to him.  Oh, I got the maximum settlement!
D. Wright

Arthur Liberty made a difficult situation of being hit by a drunk driver surprisingly easy. Strongly recommend him for representation in a personal injury case..
Debbie L.

Hi, my name is Brandon. I would like to thank my attorney, Arthur Liberty, through my Personal Injury claim from a car accident in the beginning of the year. The whole process was extremely smooth from the very initial meeting. This was the first time I’ve ever really had anything like this happen to me. I was asking a lot of questions to understand what I was signing but he patiently took his time and went through everything. After signing up, he took care of everything from interfacing with doctors for physical therapy and handling all matters with the insurance company. I’ve already finalized settlement and didn’t even have to go into litigation. No court visits for me. All I had to do was concern myself with getting better and healing up from the accident. Mr. Liberty did everything for me. This couldn’t have been a more simple process for something that could be so stressful for so many others. I would highly recommend using Liberty & Associates for any personal injury claim you may have, they are very thorough. Thanks again Mr. Liberty….
Brandon S.

I would like to thank Arthur for taking on my case he did everything for me and it was a very fast and  smooth process I am very happy with the services he provided to me, I would definitely recommend him to anyone that needs a personal injury lawyer, thank you so much again for everything.
Nicole R.

My daughters and I were involved in (2) separate accidents within a 6 month period. The 2nd one totaled our car. Arthur and his team handled both cases.  They worked very hard to get us a fair settlement. Although there were some “delays” (not caused by Arthur or the team) in getting the needed documentation from the treating chiropractor, which created issues with the statue of limitations, Arthur and his team worked diligently to “beat the clock” and get my daughters and I the best possible settlements. Thanks to Arthur and the team for all of your hard work!.
Pamela L.

I contacted Liberty & Associates after I got into a car accident and Arthur was the biggest help with everything. He took care of everything very well, both physically and financially. I was very satisfied. I highly recommend!!! Call ASAP.
Marcela C.

I was in a car crash and needed to have my medical bills taken care of. He was able to set up a meeting with me quickly, only promised what he could deliver, and the case was settled in my favor thanks to his knowledge and persistence. I have recommended him to friends and would use him again in the future should the occasion arise.

I contacted Liberty and Associates after a rough car accident where my car was totaled and I was left a little banged up myself.  Arthur made sure I was taken care of both financially and physically for the incident.  I am very happy with the level of service ability to handle my situation quickly and efficiently.  I highly recommend!!!
Justin S.

I was hit by a guy with no insurance and thank god that I found Arthur. He found out I had uninsured motorists coverage and he got me a hundred thousand dollars. 
Connie F.

Arthur and his wife are a dream team. I had an accident on December 19th. They set up all my doctor appointment and got me into a chiropractor ASAP. I feel like these people were here to help me!!! Thank you Arthur.
Patrick H.

I was involved in an accident where I was injured. The insurance company was being difficult and I knew I needed a real good injury attorney. A good friend referred to me to Liberty & Associates. Arthur Liberty made sure I understood my rights. He really made me feel like he had known me forever. The entire staff was very friendly and great about returning my phone calls and helping me understand what the law was. They took very care of me. They got me a real good settlement that I never expected. I would highly recommend Arthur Liberty and Liberty & Associates to anyone who needed a top injury accident lawyer.
Stacy R.

I highly recommend Arthur Liberty of Liberty & Associates for anyone in a personal injury situation from a car accident. Arthur was friendly and comforting in an already stressful situation. He got us a settlement to help pay for all medical bills and loss of wages. It was a painless, uncomplicated and smooth process. Very grateful to have found him!
LP Delgado

Earlier this year, I was sitting in the passenger seat of a car that was broadsided and totaled by a drunk driver. I did not feel injured and decided to let it go. Fortunately the driver of the vehicle I was traveling in hired Liberty & Associates right away. A few days after the collision I began to experience jaw pain, and even had a difficult time chewing food. Foolishly, I waited it out even longer. After some weeks had past, and the pain was still coming and going, I decided to take the advice of my friend, the driver, and call Liberty & Associates. I primarily spoke to Arthur Liberty and his staff. They were great. Super friendly, straight forward, and easy to work with. Very accessible. And actually made me feel like I was their only client, lol. Which I know is not the case. My dentist bills and physical therapy were advanced and paid out of the settlement that I received. I recommend Liberty & Associates to anyone looking for legal representation pertaining to personal injury.
John H

Arthur Liberty was outstanding to work with. The office was extremely attentive and helpful as we navigated through situations that were completely new and foreign to us.
John D.

Arthur Liberty did a great job on my case..they are a great office..they were always there for me when I needed them..I was very happy with my settlement.

I sent an inquiry regarding a hit-and-run on my parked car. Arthur sent back a very detailed response. It turns out I don’t need his services, but it’s always nice to be loaded with information in situations like these..
Gary N.

Mr. Liberty is a highly respected Personal Injury and complex litigation attorney in Los Angeles County. Mr. Liberty takes Personal Injury cases ranging from car accidents to soft tissue damage. He truly fights for his clients and achieves incredible results. I highly recommend his services.
Seth Weinstein, Attorney at Law

I have known Attorney Liberty for many years. He is a top-notch personal injury attorney. I recommend him without reservation.
Armen Gukasyan, Attorney at Law

Liberty & Associates is a great law injury firm. They helped me when I had a car accident. I was looking for a good injury lawyer who could take care of the case and a friend of mine recommended me to them. They were very efficient. I was really satisfied with Liberty and Associates, and I recommend using their services if you need good injury lawyer.

Recently got into a motorcycle accident because of a driver not paying attention. My girlfriend was injured pretty badly along with myself. I wouldn’t normally have thought to go to a lawyer but I’m glad I did. I never would have been able to sort through the mess of medical bills and get them paid if it weren’t for Liberty & Associates. Arthur Liberty was great and will do everything he can to make sure you are taken care of. I have never used a lawyers services before, but I’m positive I was spoiled by my experience here because there is no way everyone can be as great. Thanks again for everything.  A million dollar settlement never seem possible until I met attorneys who know what they are actually doing.  Thanks again for everything.
Mark W.

I got into a hit & run car accident, my car was totaled. I had a sever whiplash which involved a minor disc bulge. Seeking for a lawyer & found Liberty & Associates from a referral by a co-worker. I can’t be happier to have an expert like Arthur Liberty on my side to help me go through the process. Car accidents are very stressful & very depressing but the Liberty & Associates staff are very professional & very present people to talk to.  I still can’t believe I received my $100,000.  These guys are so great!!
Martha O.

My husband was killed in an accident on the 405 freeway.  I called a lot of lawyers, but Liberty & Associates really stood out. When I went to the office, Arthur Liberty and his staff were very professional. Anytime I was worried about something, Arthur helped answer my concerns. He was very creative and was able to locate insurance coverage that was not obvious and other attorneys said would never work.  Five million dollars will help with my loss and put our baby daughter through college.  Highly recommended!!!!!
Debbie C.

Arthur – you rock!  You are my lawyer for life.

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