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Over 2.5 million rear end accidents are reported every year, making rear end accidents the most common type of automobile accident  accounting for 31%.  Half of all rear end accidents occur at intersections.

Because the person who is rear-ended gets thrown forward while being held back by the seat belt, his or her head, lacking restraint, snaps forward. Serious neck and spine injuries have been sustained in these types of crashes, resulting in chronic pain, muscle spasms, nerve damage, herniated spinal discs, head injuries, and more.  Rear end accidents are also known as “whiplash accidents” because the nature of the collision often results in a whiplash injury for the driver in the front car.  About 20 percent of people involved in rear end collisions exhibit symptoms of whiplash.  35% of spinal cord injuries are caused by rear end automobile accidents, making rear end accidents the leading cause of spinal cord injuries.

80% of all rear end collisions are caused by following too close (tailgaters), inattentive drivers, distracted drivers (using cell phones, eating, text messaging, fiddling with the radio or CD player, kids, etc.) and drivers with poor judgment (mostly teenagers and seniors). Nearly 15% of rear ending motorists are uninsured.  28% of rear ending motorists claim that vehicle in front of them just decelerated and stopped when objective evidence showed that the stopped vehicle had been stopped for stopped traffic, a stop sign, a pedestrian, a red light or other legal traffic.  48% of vehicles struck from the rear had been stopped for more than 2 seconds.

As a rule of thumb, if the two vehicles have similar physical structure, crashing into another car is equivalent to crashing into a rigid surface (like a wall) at half of the closing speed. This means that rear-ending a stationary car while travelling at 30 mph is equivalent, in terms of deceleration, to crashing into a wall at 15 mph. The same is true for the vehicle crashed into. However if one of the vehicles is significantly more rigid (e.g. the rear of a truck) then the deceleration is more typically reflected by the full closing speed for the less rigid vehicle.

You need an attorney well versed in rear end accidents who will get you the right medical personnel to get you care you need and a settlement commensurate with your injury today and the consequences


Liberty & Associates has the experience and knowledge needed when encountering any rear end accidents. With over three decades of experience, Liberty & Associates has the resources and is the dedicated Santa Monica rear end accident lawyer you need to follow through with your claim.

Liberty & Associates will thoroughly investigate the facts of the accident or incident in order to determine the legal strategy to take in your particular situation. During your initial consultation, we will fully discuss your case, including potential sources of information not readily apparent, including potential witnesses, video and audio recording which must be acquired quickly before they are recorded over, law enforcement reports and investigation whose initial conclusions can be altered if quickly dealt with early on. Liberty & Associates will try to answer all of your questions. The firm is committed to providing you personal attention throughout the course of your claim and will pursue every possible means of compensation on your behalf. Whether you have medical costs, lost wages, emotional pain and suffering, our efforts will be towards maximizing your potential settlement.

It is never easy to get through a difficult situation where you suffer a  rear end accident. We strive to provide caring and compassionate representation.  Our goal is simple: resolve your claim fairly, effortlessly and as quickly as possible.  If your case requires that a lawsuit be pursued, rest assured that the experienced and successful attorneys at Liberty & Associates will still have the same goal.

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