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Premises liability occurs where there is a dangerous condition on a landowner’s property that has caused injuries including fires and burns falling objects, dog bites, unsafe furniture, unpermitted additions or improvements, and slip, trip and falls on commercial or residential property.

Landowners owners, managers, and occupiers have the duty to provide a reasonably safe environment for those who visit or reside on their premises, such as customers, patrons, service personnel, or residents. Where a safety hazard or dangerous condition develops on the premises, property owners should provide warnings until the hazard can be remedied or repaired. If a landowner has knowledge of an adverse condition which could cause injuries and he or she refuses or fails to handle the problem, it may become a legal liability should someone be hurt or killed due to the unrepaired danger. This could constitute negligence, which is the underlying key factor in personal injury cases. Those who have been hurt due to negligence may pursue compensation for their damages in an injury claim or lawsuit against the responsible party or entity.

Liability can apply to any public or private property, including a residence, office buildings, restaurants, theaters, shopping malls, hotels, motels, dormitories, nursing homes, sports arenas, entertainment venues, nightclubs, grocery stores, apartment complexes, hospitals, parking structures, and more. Examples of unhandled and potentially dangerous property conditions include wet floors, spills on floors, broken tiles or flooring, poor or non-existent lighting in stairwells, hallways, or pathways, and other similar conditions which may result in a slip, trip or fall accident.

This does not mean that a landowner is responsible for every defect upon the premises, premises liability arises only if there is notice.  A landowner’s lack of knowledge of the dangerous condition, however, is not a defense. The landowner has an affirmative duty to exercise ordinary care to keep the premises in a reasonably safe condition, and therefore must inspect them or take other proper means to ascertain their condition. And if, by the exercise of reasonable care, the landowner would have discovered the dangerous condition, the landowner is liable.

A landowner is not liable for damages caused by a minor, trivial, or insignificant defect in the premises.  A vertical change in elevation of a walkway one inch or less is generally considered a trivial defect as a matter of law unless the totality of circumstances, i.e. other aggravating surrounding factors, indicates otherwise.  Likewise, where a danger is so obvious that a person could reasonably be expected to see it, the condition itself serves as a warning and the landowner has no duty to warn of the condition.


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Liberty & Associates will thoroughly investigate the facts of the accident or incident in order to determine the legal strategy to take in your particular situation. During your initial consultation, we will fully discuss your case, including potential sources of information not readily apparent, including potential witnesses, video and audio recording which must be acquired quickly before they are recorded over, law enforcement reports and investigation whose initial conclusions can be altered if quickly dealt with early on. Liberty & Associates will try to answer all of your questions. The firm is committed to providing you personal attention throughout the course of your claim and will pursue every possible means of compensation on your behalf. Whether you have medical costs, lost wages, emotional pain and suffering or loss of a loved one, our efforts will be towards maximizing your potential settlement.

It is never easy to get through a difficult situation where you are injured. We strive to provide caring and compassionate representation.  Our goal is simple: resolve your claim fairly, effortlessly and as quickly as possible.  If your case requires that a lawsuit be pursued, rest assured that the experienced and successful attorneys at Liberty & Associates will still have the same goal.

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